Carter Corporate Advantage

Executive financial planning services help companies recruit, retain and reward their greatest assets.

“Companies that invest in employee stock option education programs will benefit from more efficient and effective use of ESOs as part of compensation packages in recruiting, retaining, and motivating employees.”

-Journal of Financial Planning

Companies Benefit When Helping Their Leaders Prepare for Financial Success

Fact: Companies that effectively appreciate employee value enjoy a return on equity and assets more than triple that experienced by firms that don’t.1

Fact: Business owners must recognize that 90 percent of employees are willing to consider changing jobs; unsatisfied employees are 11 times more likely to move to a new organization.2

Your employees—particularly C-level executives—are assets that yield value for the organization. Compensation, benefits, even bonuses, keep an organization viable and fuel your focus on attracting—and keeping—top talent.

Now do something more. It’s a big perk with big impact on the long-term financial health of everyone involved. And the cost is quite affordable.

An Advantage, Start to Finish

Carter Financial Management’s Corporate Advantage™ program delivers financial planning services for entrepreneurs, business owners and C-level executives at companies of all sizes and shapes.

The program is designed to allow companies to deliver comprehensive financial planning as an exclusive executive benefit that emphasizes independent, objective and confidential advice from Carter Financial Management’s (CFM) Certified Financial Planners®. Each executive has a team of planning professionals poised to help them navigate through economic, financial and personal goals. They leverage a “big-company perk” scaled to address executive needs of small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as large companies.
Executives are drivers, leaders and doers focused on making the business grow. But they often fall into the trap of not paying attention to their own financial condition. When their employer steps in and says, ‘Hey, let us help you breathe, here are financial advisers that can help guide you to your goals,’ the value is exponential. Companies benefit. Executives benefit.

Bob Berg, CFP®
Director of Corporate Services

The program is tailored to each organization and each individual. The program ensures that executives gain clarity, direction and professional advice on a variety of financial issues, such as:

How It Works
The program is designed so that:

Costs for the program will vary based on the number of executives participating in the program. A free cost analysis and review are available.

Take Advantage Now

CFM’s Corporate Advantage program proves your corporate commitment to sustain and improve the business—and each business executive. Extending Corporate Advantage into your organization will ensure that executives will be content knowing they are building the business, their careers—and their personal lives as well.

Discover how your company can leverage our independent, fee-based financial planning program as an executive benefit. Call 214-363-4200 or email to learn more.

1&2 Forbes’ “Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy”

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