Carter Advisory Services

Distinctively Different: Carter Advisory Services
Carter Advisory Services (CAS), a complementary business unit of Carter Financial Management, delivers fee-based financial planning services. Since 1980, CAS has written more than 1,600 comprehensive financial plans. CAS specializes in writing plans for individuals requiring comprehensive financial management of $2 million to $100 million. In addition to the initial financial plan provided by CAS, a Comprehensive Annual Review is prepared and provided to clients.
The Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • It is an original plan. It is customized to you and for you, and encompasses more variables than your financial or investment objectives, risk tolerances and demographics.  It is a plan built for your personality and preferences, beyond the dollars and cents.
  • It is a living plan. This plan “lives” for you.  CAS confirms your ultimate goals and objectives, but remains engaged and informed about market trends and economic conditions that may impact the plan.  Your plan lives on and stays current.
  • It is a comprehensive plan. A CAS plan details all aspects of your financial life, no matter the complexity.  The plan is so comprehensive that it even considers how legislative, legal or economic decisions may impact your financial needs.*

CAS works in partnership with Carter Financial Management so that your financial planner can provide you with well-informed recommendations and guidance to suit your individual financial needs.

The Client Vault is a secure online depository that allows you to manage and secure documents critical to life planning. After you have set up your Client Portal with Carter Advisory Services you scan estate planning documents, medical records, insurance policies, tax documents, social security statements, etc. Then, you sign in to a secure account and upload the files in digital form (PDF, JPEG, etc.) to the “Document Safe.” The Client Vault is your virtual safe deposit box in a time when security and ready access are critical to making life’s important decisions. Contact Vicki Stone at to establish your account.**
*You should discuss any tax or legal advice with the appropriate professional.
**This is not a service offered through Raymond James.