Our Process

Carter Financial uses a four-step process that involves working closely with you and your other advisors to identify issues, review alternatives, recommend solutions, and manage implementation with meticulous attention. Each of our clients receives a distinct asset allocation model that we believe will facilitate their needs and lifestyles as they grow with us. We implement this using a disciplined four-step process to carefully determine your risk tolerance and investment objectives, develop strategy, and then match the appropriate recommendations.

Step 1: Discover
Our discovery process begins by gaining an understanding of your financial picture in the context of your hopes, concerns, values, and dreams.

We then gather and review your financial data to build your complete financial profile. We explore the what and why of what you own and owe and compare it to your goals to help us determine:

Step 2: Plan Design

Once the discovery process is complete, our planning team begins crafting a plan to fit your unique situation. By first analyzing your objectives and data, we isolate your financial risks and opportunities.

The next step involves financial, tax, and legal analysis* — a process using stringent protocols for researching and testing financial models, and careful analysis of combinations of solutions. During this process, we often work closely with your other advisors to ensure that your plan is integrated with all aspects of your financial affairs.

To build your plan, we look at all of your stated and prioritized objectives in your financial life, allowing us to build a truly holistic plan. With training and experience spanning multiple disciplines, we combine your legal, financial, tax, philanthropic and business matters into a unified plan, addressing your goals in five key areas:

  1. Wealth acquisition & management
  2. Wealth preservation
  3. Wealth enhancement
  4. Wealth protection
  5. Wealth disposition

After completing a first draft of the plan, we work with you – step by step – to clarify the preliminary planning while gathering comments and additional information to further tailor the plan. With your active participation, the plan is adjusted and refined. The final plan is then presented with established timelines and goals for implementation.

Step 3: Implementation

The next step involves helping you implement recommendations and financial solutions according to your financial plan and asset allocation strategy. As your advocate in the planning process, we provide a thorough and objective evaluation of recommendations and possible funding methods using our disciplined, four-step process. Our implementation process is directed by your plan’s specifications and priorities, which revolve around the objectives stated in the Discover phase.

As an independently owned and operated advisory services company, we help you make appropriate choices in an objective context by offering a comprehensive selection of products and services from a diversified array of industry-leading providers. This “open-architecture” approach means that we are not tied to any one strategy, company, product or service. Therefore, multiple options are compared and examined before funding and strategic recommendations are made.

Step 4: Management

In addition to exceptional ongoing service and monitoring of your account, we perform regular reviews to gauge your plan’s performance, and make adjustments for changing laws, regulations, market conditions and investment performance.* The review also takes into account your changing personal and financial circumstances.

*Raymond James does not offer tax or legal advice. You should discuss any tax or legal advice with the appropriate professional.