CFM Awards 2014 Scholarship

May 29, 2014

Carter Financial Management has selected Emmett J. Conrad High School’s 2014 valedictorian, Jorge Rodriguez Santana to receive an $11,500 scholarship that will be used to pursue a degree in architecture at Texas A&M University.

“I will be the first in my family to attend college and I am so grateful for the opportunity,” said Santana. “I had almost lost hope that there would be enough money for me to get into college, and now I am on the way to making my dream come true.”

Jorge said he knew he needed to work hard to realize his dream of success. He moved to Dallas at the age of 12 and learned English in school. Having learned about the construction business from his uncles, he remained motivated by visualizing himself as a successful architect wearing a construction hat and holding blueprints of a road or building he’d designed.

Rodriguez Santana challenged himself academically in advanced placement courses and learned teamwork and leadership skills through many extracurricular activities in which he served as captain and group leader.

To earn the scholarship, Jorge completed an essay on what he believes to be the qualities one needs to achieve financial success. He also interviewed with a nine-person selection committee that included Bill Carter, founder, and president of Carter Financial Management, a leading financial services firm based in Dallas.

The company launched the scholarship program this year to recognize local high school. students who excel, work hard and believe in their own ability to pursue their dreams and careers.

“At first, I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect at the interview,” said Santana, “but it was very encouraging and friendly. I was so motivated by their responses. Mr. Carter even said that maybe one day he would invest in my future architecture firm, and that was so exciting to see how he believed in me.”

Bill Carter, president of Carter Financial Management, says the scholarship program is a reflection of the firm’s commitment to helping clients reach their goals of financial independence through planning and goal-setting.

“Jorge has a plan for his life that he focused on since he was a young boy,” said Carter. “The committee was very impressed with his values and commitment to becoming an architect, having his own firm and earning a doctorate degree one day. He is an impressive young man and we believe that he will continue to be successful.”

“I think you have to work for your dreams and apply yourself as much as possible. The main thing is to keep on going and don’t get down. I would tell other students to apply for scholarships and apply themselves to get what they want out of life.”

While college life will be a big change, Jorge said he is ready to become a Texas A&M Aggie. “I don’t know what to really expect but am ready for the opportunity. As they say, Gig ’em,” he said with smile.”

“I think you have to work for your dreams and apply yourself as much as possible. The main thing is to keep on going and don’t get down.”

Jorge Rodriguez-Santana
Scholarship Recipient